Are you a student of any academic level? If yes, then you are already familiar with the barrage of essays you have to get through to graduate. If you’re feeling burdened by all these essays and assignments, the truth is that it’s not going to get any easier. It’s just how the educational system works. This reality gave rise to the advent of Essay Writing Help services online.

Before this, many students saddled with a heavy workload would desperately look for someone to help them write some of the essays. Sometimes, they would find someone (most likely a senior from their school) to do that. However, the risk associated with this approach was high.

From missed deadlines to exorbitant charges or error-filled essays, this solution was a real hit or miss. The students who were “lucky” would usually get their essays back a night before the deadline. They would spend long hours reviewing the work for errors and editing. By the time they submit it, they would be so tired they would not be fit to engage in any other productive activity.

This may be the situation that some students are still stuck with today. But they don’t have to! Nowadays, you can find an essay helper online using Google’s search engine. These platforms run by professionals will handle your essays for you.

An essay helper free is an ideal choice for many reasons, and this article will tell you why. For now, the primary thing you need to know is that if you need essay help, Essay Universe is a team of expert writers whose full-time job is to write them for you. Smart students are already leveraging from this service, and so should you.

Who Needs Help Writing an Essay?

For anyone who is saddled with an essay to write, help of any form is invaluable. It doesn’t matter the field of study or the level the person has attained. An expert in a given field may need essay write help as much as a freshman does.

This is because people need help writing an essay for various reasons. It doesn’t always mean that they can’t do it themselves. Sometimes, it may just be that they are too busy with other activities to do it properly.

We’ve had masters degree students come to us saying, “I need help writing an essay.” We’ve also had people enrolled in online classes ask for custom essay help. This is sufficient proof that our essays help online students need us to pass their courses. Indeed, everyone who has an essay to write needs essay help.

Get Essay Help Online on Every Type Of Essay

If your first thought when you get an essay in school is, “Who will help me write an essay?”, then you are in the right place. We assure you that no matter the type of essay you have, with our help, essay writing will cease to be a source of headache for you.

Our team is on the ground and ready to handle any of the following papers:

  • Descriptive essay
  • Classification essay
  • Admission essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Deductive essay
  • Definition essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Process essay
  • Rhetorical analysis essay
  • Critical essay
  • Exploratory essay
  • Literature essay
  • Personal essay
  • Response essay

These are some of the essays we handle. The list is truly non-exhaustive and if you have an essay to write outside of the ones listed above, kindly place your order and state your requirements.

Essay writing on different fields of study

We understand that you may have other writing projects to deal with apart from essays. For this reason, we have niche writers. What this means is that we have writers for different types of writing assignments. This ensures that we are available and ready to handle any writing task you need from us.

We provide a broad range of services to ensure that your needs are met. This means that you can submit multiple papers of different kinds and we will take them on simultaneously. We will assign the tasks to carefully selected writers that are most suited for the kinds of papers you have submitted.

You can be sure that our writers are skilled in your field of study because they’ve been writing papers from virtually every field for years. These fields range from IT to law, psychology, and more. This range of expertise has placed us well ahead in the business of providing help with essay writing in the following fields:


If you have to write business essays, help online isn’t far away. We have written countless papers on trade and business administration, and you can trust our experience to shine through when we work for you.


We write research papers in psychology using appropriate research methods and quoting reliable sources. We know the right methods to use for research in this field and we make use of them.


If you are a student of law, we are also poised to handle your essays, with the great command of the English language and the terminology needed for a great legal essay. Our competent team members understand the way the legal framework works.


We also cover papers on finance. The calculations and predictions involved in financial papers can be off-putting. Thankfully, our in-house ‘geeks’ are looking for just these kinds of challenges.


Delicate subjects such as those in the medical field need careful writers to handle them. Our essay helpers are people you can trust to create this balance between authoritativeness and care in writing medical papers.

Computer science

Our team is always excited to work on essays in this field. Knowing that we have writers to help essay writing makes it easier for those in IT and Computer Science to get their papers done in no time.

Whatever the paper and  niche, we take the utmost care to use terms and lingo that are relevant to that field. This attention to detail will give your paper a depth that would ordinarily be lacking if proper care wasn’t taken while researching and writing it on your own.

We Have The Best Writers for Those Needing Help With Essay

Several other platforms provide help with essay writing, so why choose our writers instead of them?

We are thorough with our selection process when choosing writers to work for us. Before an individual is added to our team, we ensure that they:

  1. Have a degree in a given field of science
  2. Are proficient in academic writing
  3. Are attentive to detail
  4. Are responsible, take ownership of their roles, and are focused on meeting deadlines
  5. Are highly skilled in the dos and don’ts of writing academic papers
  6. Employ critical thinking when writing

We put them through several stages of tests to ensure we select only the best writers to work with. We also ensure we choose the most appropriate writers for every given task. We select these writers based on their level of expertise in the given field, their availability for taking on the task, and the level of enthusiasm they show towards taking on the task.

As part of the process of making sure your papers are verifiable and delivered as per your specifications and according to accepted standards, we cite references and try as much as possible to use the most recent references. The references we include are all double-checked. These are all listed on the last page of the paper.

Due to our competence and professionalism when writing papers for our customers, we have been able to steadily grow our customer base since the very beginning. We are dedicated to continuing setting high bars towards delivering quality results to those who need essays writing help.

Why Our Essay Help Service?

Your next question may be, ‘Why should I go with Essay Universe when I need college essay writing help?’ Any person would be wise to ask the same. There are several answers to this question and we will go into them right now:

You are assured of service quality

Our writers are undoubtedly experts. We boast a diverse team of scholars with years of experience in writing and reviewing scholarly articles and essays. These people know the importance of essays in the continuous assessment of any student and so they put their best into every piece they work on.

Even though our team is great at what they do, we have several quality assurance practices in place to protect you from underwhelming results. We have editors and proofreaders who go through the essays multiple times and trim any excesses. The result is concise, professional, yet easy to read – an essay that your professors will be impressed with.

Our writers understand you

Our team members are empathetic. They were all once in your shoes and had essays they couldn’t find the time to write at one point or another. They understand that students need college essay help so that they can have time to invest in their personal and social lives.

Whenever we get a request from a student who needs help writing essay, we are excited. It is a feeling of nostalgia from times when we used to face the same issue. This pushes us even harder to over-deliver on the essay we submit back to the student.

Essays are not the only papers we write

Our team is poised to handle much more than just essays. We take on all kinds of college writing tasks from college assignments to thesis papers and admission essays. We love to challenge ourselves to achieve better results than our previous essays and the result is evident in the wide range of projects we handle.

We are flexible in terms of pricing

We understand that as a student you don’t have a lot of resources. We were once students too and we are not looking to fleece you of the last strap of cash you have. This is why we created four factors to help determine the pricing for students on a budget: urgency, academic level, paper type and number of pages. This way, we are sure that jobs are prioritized in the best way possible. With us, you always get your money’s worth.

Your opinion counts

We are not all about writing, submitting and moving on. We understand that you may have reviews and revisions after the job has been done. These revisions will rarely take place because the results you will get will be excellent.

Yet, the revision will most likely be a result of individual differences; for instance, you may prefer a different tone in some parts of the essay and we understand that.

This is why we provide free revisions. Before accepting your order, you are allowed to give us feedback regarding any changes you may want to be done. We will make these edits and send them back to you free of charge.

Our essay Helper Features

When you reach out to us to have our essay writer help you with schoolwork, you can rest assured that we will provide you with additional features. These features are specifically tailored for your convenience. They are:

Help with writing homework

If you are tired after a long day of studying and taking notes in school, the last thing on your mind will be to continue looking through pages at home. Thankfully, we can have that sorted out for you. As long as your homework is in English, feel free to contact us and we will take the pressure off your hands so that you could find time for yourself.

Rewriting essays

We don’t only write your essays, we also rewrite badly written ones. This means that if you had already tried writing the paper on your own, we can still improve the situation. We will take your essay, go through it line by line and remodel it to satisfy the needs of your lecturer.

Free reviews and editing after submission

To ensure that the essay is written exactly the way you want, we allow you to review the work we send back to you. After that, you can point out any changes that you want us to make to your paper and we will make them at no additional cost to you. You can ask us for a preview to see how far we have come with your work and indicate the writing style you prefer.

Our vision is to satisfy every customer that comes our way, and if they need us to change something to suit their needs, that’s exactly what we will do!

Discounts and bonuses

Our discounts are carefully tailored to accommodate every kind of customer. Whether you are a first time user of our platform or a regular customer, you are eligible to enjoy one discount or the other with us. We also have as much as seven different types of discount codes that you can benefit from. These are:

One-time discount codes

These codes give you a 12% discount on your order. You can see a corresponding notification from us in the pending message.

First time discount code

This is a discount available to you upon your first time placing an order with us. You will find it in the price calculator on the platform.

13% discount code

This discount can be found on the main page of the website. It is usually delivered in the form of a clickable button when you register your email on the platform.

Lifetime discount codes

These codes are open to long-term customers. The more orders you place, the more qualified you are to access these discounts. When you have placed up to 5 orders, you get a 5% discount. When you cross the 15-order mark, you get a 10% discount, and when you order up to 25 orders and above, you get 15% off your future orders.

Custom discount campaigns

Occasional discounts can be sent to your email from our Customer happiness desk. If accepted, the discount will be applied on your next order.

Earn cash program

This option helps our customers earn discounts by inviting their friends to use our platform. Inviting friends will grant them 12% off their order and also put 10% of your friend’s order in your pocket.

Personal discount codes

The Customer Support department may occasionally provide customers with one-time discount codes if they are first time customers with big orders or loyal customers with order issues, such as delays .

Round-the-clock customer support

We understand that English speakers exist all around the world. For this reason, we don’t shut out a customer that needs our help because they reached out at odd hours. What may be ‘odd hours’ to us could be the right time for them because of the time zone difference. We provide support to customers 24/7 so that they never miss a deadline.

How Does Essay Writing Help Online Work?

  1. Place your order. In the order form, you should describe the kind of essay you want to be written for you. Provide requirements, including deadlines, word count and the writing style you prefer. The more details you give us to work with, the better.
  2. We will choose the ideal writer to take your essay up. We make this choice based on well thought out criteria like their level of experience, the workload, etc.
  3. Make a monetary deposit for the task at hand. You can rest assured that your money is safe because we can’t take it until you approve the paper. You can approve it after you’re satisfied with the work we deliver to you.
  4. Relax, sip some margarita, and wait for us to finish writing your essay.
  5. Receive your unique and carefully written essay right on cue. You will get it before the deadline to review and set any revisions that you may want.
  6. Complete your order after you have received an essay that you love. You will then be required to approve the payment so that the writers that contributed to the success of your work can get paid.


How much does the essay help cost?

We charge you for our custom essay help based on certain parameters. These parameters include urgency, paper type, academic level and number of pages. This ensures that you have several ways of cutting costs to fit into your budget.

Our pricing reflects our flexibility and we’ve got discounts to ensure that your experience with us is both pleasant to your eyes and friendly to your wallet.

Who will help me with my essay?

Our friendly and competent team of writers will be in charge of writing your essay. For the best results, we will assign a team member that is best suited for your particular essay to write it for you.

Which essay writing help does this service provide?

We provide college essay help online with writing, proofreading, ridding papers of traces of plagiarism and making sure valid references are provided for every essay.

Why should I ask for help with my essay?

You should seek help to write an essay because our writers are experienced in writing essays. It is their job to put down the words on your paper in the way that the person grading essays would want them to be. These professionals are also used to common mistakes that you may not know about and will ensure that these mistakes don’t find their way into your essay.

You should also seek essay writing help online because we believe there’s more to life than schoolwork. You deserve to go out and do the things you love doing. If an essay is going to hold you back from unwinding and spending quality time with your friends and family, then why not let a professional handle it for you?

Is it legit to get help with essays?

Yes, it is legal to get help with essays. There is no part of the law that prohibits you from getting assistance if you need help writing an essay. Essay writing companies are legitimate, but at the same time, we recommend that you be careful when choosing the essay writing platform you want to use to get your paper done. Check out the following things before making a decision:

  • The quality of works
  • Their privacy policy
  • Their terms of use
  • If they are a registered company
  • Their approach to plagiarism
  • Client reviews